Tuesday, 31 May 2011



On my jaunt down to Cowichan Bay, my favorite place to hang out with my camera, I spied two Swans floating elegantly around by the land houses. Ahh, snapping on my telephoto lens, I quickly made my way down the ramp to the dock, sneaking around the float homes, I quietly made my way as close as I could to the two of them. Patient is a virtue and I took lots of shots of them floating back and forth, actually, this picture was taken just before the swan got pissed off at me and hissed!
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Sidney Spit, Vancouver Island BC

I really love this photo taken on Sidney Spit! Taken of the huge pieces of driftwood and logs left there including the old shoring logs to help keep the sand from eroding. Capturing my brother in it, says so much and really tells a story that your imagination brings you. Is it a story of loss, grief, or carrying on. Or joy and laughter? Hmmm.
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Sea Lions in Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC

I captured these sea lions in Fanny Bay and they are available to purchase .

Hope you enjoy them as much I do !
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My best friend and companion Jovi

My favorite picture of my best friend and companion Jovi.

Interested in your own keepsake photo of your best friend?
Contact me at loribishop24@gmail.com and I would love to create your own treasured photo!
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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fanny Bay Vancouver Island , BC

Okay, let me know if you like the original colour photo or the black and white one of this picture.
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Exciting things are happening!

 Victoria, Vancouver Island: A little jaunt down by the inner harbour
Vancouver BC : taken by the float houses by Ladner.

Exciting things are happening as I develop this blog! Look for photos that will be available for sale along with card stock!  As I journey along with my photography, there will be packages for wedding, baby, pet and nature photography packages.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island


Off on one my weekend adventures and wound up at Fanny Bay on the East coast of Vancouver Island. The Oyster boats were tied up at the dock and this rope caught my eye and camera of course!
They are very trusting fishermen as I am not sure I would be with this frayed knot in the rope! But then, they can tie knots a whole lot better than this landlubber fisherwoman wanna be! :)
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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Well I am a newbie!

Here I go, brand new to blogging but excited to explore this new venture! Now to figure out what I am doing! LOL