Saturday, 26 November 2011

Getting serious now

After much thought and contemplation, I have changed the name of my business from Laurelea Images to Laurelea Photography. Whatcha think?
Bright Field, totally different lighting, I played with the composition for a bit, three glasses, different compositions until I decided to go outside the box. LOL, ya, I love going outside the box!

Skills I am learning in my college course that will serve me well in all kinds of applications. Let the creativity begin! Hope you enjoy my "Jones soda" ! Tee heee, off to create some more , this is fun! 

Darkfield assignment, the key is to light the glassware and using key light and gobos, create a dark field around the glassware that just lights up the outside edges. I had fun of course, adding more to the assignment! Always have to do a little bit more and stretch my abilities! I tried to catch a droplet or splash with this( oh, ya, my splash assignment is next!) and spent a few hours capturing the elusive droplet! More fizz, okay, lets use some Eno! Shake up the ginger ale, ya, I used ginger ale for this shot! Fun and frustrating but determined to get that "shot" that I wanted! 

There you go! The shot! 
Now to go and play some more! 
Oh and now to do a brightfield shot for my assignment!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I loved how the sunlight lite up his head and had to capture him once again! Jovi is such a willing model for me, hmm, maybe I should do a montage of images with him in all kinds of poses and places. Oh oh, thinking ! LOL

Lest we forget

I was honored to attend the Remeberance Day celebration of respect and honor  in Cobble Hill and there was a huge crowd! Couldn't take pictures of the laying of the wreaths but my thoughts were on the soldiers who have served for our freedom. I took this one when they parted the crowd for the march away from  the ceremony. My thoughts on this are the many soldiers who have served and think this portrays that at least in my eyes. What do you think of this one? A little bit of Photo shop work on this and I think it will be more awesome.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oh my !

Big assignment due and I am having a hard time being creative! Oh my! Hmm, Religion, Money, Mothers Love . Big and Small  and Who Am I, all for my assignment.  Guess you will see some pictures up here when I get them done! Now to wait for battery's to recharge to fire my flash! Now , let me think, what shall I take a picture of?  hmmmmm..........Be back soon or at least when I am done this! Have a good day! :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

My little cocker spaniel on the beach!

It's been awhile since I have posted any pictures of Jovi, my little cocker spaniel. Captured him on the beach here in Royston while we were on our morning walk. Such a good little guy!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween shoot but just a taste of the many that I did.

 Even the dogs were dressed up!

 So many costumes and parents walking down the sidewalks! All of a sudden, guess what caught my eye! Feet! and a little witch amongst them!
 And lots of people taking pictures not just the crazy college photography  students!

and a different slant on a garbage can!

 Rim lighting !
Well, I got lots of shots during the Courtenay Halloween parade, there were so many cute costumes on the kids, but alas no releases  so here is just a little taste. I love the rim lighting on the little white child! And the reflection thru the storefront window!

Big assignment

Well, now we are let loose, and have a big assignment to do. Hmmm, I will need some moms and kids so anyone interested in modelling and a free photo???

Wow! 96% on my still life ceramic shots!!!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Denman Island, Piercy's Farm

Off we went over to Denman Island, a cool, wet day, the usual type of day for our Wed Class! Yup, rain doesn't stop us 12 photography students and one "just do it" professor! Off we went, and the colder it got, but we trekked up the hill to the well known farm site. What a treat, the historic 100 year old barn has a treasure trove of wonderful antique machinery! And cobwebs galore to add character! Our first assignment in which we could use flash if we wanted but the awesome natural light from the open barn door brought neat contrasting light! Here is a sample of my images. Enjoy!  Oh , and yes, we found a herd of cows too! 

 This horse buggy was in awesome shape and with a little fill flash the ornate wood decorations stand out fantastic!

 Natural lighting and this old wash tub and scrub board caught my eye! Hmmm, a polarizing filter would help bring out the detail in the wash board more but I love this one.

And just what do you think caught my eye with this one? Leave me a comment and let's see if you are correct! Watch for my answer soon.
Hope you enjoy these, tell your friends and come follow me!