Monday, 30 January 2012

Laurelea Images: Getting creative

Laurelea Images: Getting creative

Getting creative

I love this class, bringing out the creative part of my photography. Theme is rejuvination/ rebirth. I was difficult as we had use a old plastic camera, a HOLGA 12N  which uses 120mm film and has no adjustments on it to focus or settings. Just a point and shoot. This picture needed to include me and how was I supposed to take a picture of myself, no timer??? Ahaha, get my cousin to take it, so after telling her to take the picture and not to move, then take another one, I thought I would be able to do a double exposure if the film wasn't advanced. And it worked.  Some manipulation of the negative( no photoshop, just hand manipulation) as required in the assignment and then the final scanned image.

 I actually love the result!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A little jaunt about Courtenay on a assignment

 I can be found on a walkabout the Courtenay, Comox and Royston area with my camera in hand doing my college assignments. I was to do Environment Photojournalism, showcasing a person in their environment so that one look at the picture would tell you what that person does.

Well! I met Brian who is the owner of Courtenay's brand new Gourmet Hot Dog Stand!

The Original Sam & Pete's Gourmet Hot Dogs! Named after his sons, and featuring gluten free hot dogs too! Good luck to him on his new business and me on my assignment.

Now to send the first photo to the newspaper and get him some free advertising! Hmmm, and maybe photo credit to Laurelea Images.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Portrait Class!

 Well we are now in to our portrait class and learning lots! Now look what a different a red scarf helps with my model! Next to re shoot using colours other than black. Oh what fun!
Captured with my D7 and pop up flash!

This one is done with remote flash and my D7 using hair light , and two soft boxes. I really do like the head shots, but prof wants 3/4 or full ones. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh my, I really am red aren't I!

 Guess what happens when a few of us get together in the portrait studio to practice and play with lighting! Yup, we tend to have a little fun too! Tamara and Jesse, two of my cohorts in my Professional Photography Course took these of me and my red hair, red jacket using different lighting. I didn't realise just how red I really was! Awesome! I love it! Tamara changed the last one to a black and white and I love it! Oh such fun we have sometimes. And to think, I actually took of my red glasses too! Thanks gals I love the pictures!
Tamara Newman Photographer          

Jesse Photographer
Tamara Photographer

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My trek to Cowichan Bay, and my two swans.

I had the pleasure of walking around Cowichan Bay over the Christmas break and I quite enjoy finding things that catch my eye to photograph. I did find my red shoe again! But in a different spot. Hmm, may have to post that picture too.

I quite enjoyed my two little friends, the swans, and happily sat on  the dock and observed them swimming around in front of me. Not too close, guess they remembered my big telephoto lens. Well, my telephoto was tucked away and I happily captured a moment in time with the swans.

Just a quick couple of shots

I love these two, they are always so willing to let me take their pictures and practice, practice , practice.

Been a while

Well, I was off on a well needed Christmas break, and now back in college, camera all ready to go! Look for some new pics and posts!