Thursday, 28 July 2011

I found the Goats!

LOL, finally found the goats , not on the roof but in the pasture!
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Coombs , Goats on the Roof Marketplace

How about this one?
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Couldn't resist these colorful peppers too!
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I really enjoyed my jaunt in Coombs at the Market, couldn't resist taking a picture of the produce for sale! These oranges look so yummy don't they!
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Goats on the Roof Marketplace , Coombs , Vancouver Island

These large pots caught my eye.
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Coombs Ice Cream Store, Goats on the Roof Marketplace

I was watching all the people going into the ice cream store when this window caught my eye. I was taking this picture when a lady came out and peered upwards towards where I was aiming. She asked me " What are you taking a picture off?" I replied, "I am a photographer and am taking a picture of this window, see how the light fixture shows up in the window and watch, see the water droplets coming down?" She replied." I thought you saw a bird nest or something. But now I see, I guess that is why you are a photographer." Quite the revelation for me! And if you look close, you will see four little spots on the center top of the window, the water droplets that I was trying to capture. Hmmm, more adjustments in speed and aperture to catch what I wanted to really catch. A learning curve for me and more to try out.
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Goats on the Roof Marketplace, Coombs

These look good enough to eat don't they! But best to just look at! I loved all the textures and colours. Had to take a picture!
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Goats on the roof?

Nope, no goats on the roofs, but I think they are in need of some trimming aren't they!
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Rodeo Gypsies!

Busy Busy Goats on the Roof Marketplace, but it sure looks like the guys are all just standing around waiting for the gals!
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Hippie Store!

I found these in a most awesome Hippie Store in Coombs! Yes, I know, not supposed to take pictures but I just couldn't help myself! Peace, Love and Groovy!
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Dragonfiles in the most unusual place!

Thinking of my sister when I saw these dragonflies hanging around a pole in Coombs at the Goats on the Roof Marketplace. What a wonderful place to explore and spend a afternoon. Lots of neat little shops, I was fasinated with the whole atmosphere. Definately worth a trip to visit if you are in the area, as there is a fanatastic market place and a wonderful hippie hat store! The owner of which is priceless.
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Life has been busy

Busy busy and I haven't been able to post on my blog, but have been busy out and about taking photos. Here's one to share! Taken in Cowichan Bay, Victoria Island , my favorite place to be.
Now, take a close look and see if you can figure out what it is a picture of. Hint: a reflection on the water of something that floats on top. Let me know what you think it is! Have fun and have a beautiful day! :)