Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oh my !

Big assignment due and I am having a hard time being creative! Oh my! Hmm, Religion, Money, Mothers Love . Big and Small  and Who Am I, all for my assignment.  Guess you will see some pictures up here when I get them done! Now to wait for battery's to recharge to fire my flash! Now , let me think, what shall I take a picture of?  hmmmmm..........Be back soon or at least when I am done this! Have a good day! :)

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  1. hmmm, do you have to something on each topic?
    You have an idea for mother's love.
    Money - how about play money, monopoly or? Can it be stuffed into a coin purse & it spilling out? with someone holding it, clutching the purse???
    Religion is quite broad. It could be celebration of, deliberation of, committment to... hands holding a bible, a couple in prayer, someone sitting cross-legged on the floor their hands raised up in praise - shoot pic from behind - your lighting/aura surrounding them.
    whom am i? running - you are always running to or away from something/some emotion. (introspective). you holding something of your kids, self portrait of sorts showing your raw emotion, timer shot, i guess. showing your face & the emotions that you feel...
    you have to think as if you are painting a picture with your photography - think of it as capturing 'live' art...


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