Sunday, 25 September 2011

A jaunt to a Junkyard!

One the first assignments was to go to a junk yard , camera and tripod in hand. I had to photograph one car only, professor appointed, using only my tripod for half a hour. A lesson in slowing down and seeing things. Here is a sample of those pictures. 
A old studebaker, the old rusty car, but the still shiny trunk latch! 

The glass has such wonderful patterns in it, the
true nature of glass that it is  always

The old emblem and new leaf, not put
there by me but just drifted down on
the car .


I think if you look close you will see
me with my camera !

So much chrome in those days! 

The seat gives up its structure to time. 

Love the lights!

Still proud amongst the rust of time.

They sure made license plates to last didn't they!

I hope you enjoy and leave comments! 


  1. I see you went to Shield's Junkyard. Isn't it the coolest place?

  2. Thanks for sharing! It will be great to see where you start from in class to when you graduate! :)

  3. Bingo! You win the prize Stephanie! Ya, it was Shield's junkyard! Such a neat place and I wish that I had more time to capture it! The journey will be neat hey Sam, I am living my dream ! Hmmm, better think about $$ soon to earn with it! LOL


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