Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Here 's a neat ceramic shoot I did! Just handed it in so waiting for my marks!

 My assignment was to shoot four ceramics, two glossy and two matte and control the lighting. Simple use of props and here are the shots! I tried to get the steam rising out of the coffee but alas the studio was too hot! Hmm , dry ice would of worked! The coffee was good though!
 Yum, Yum. Jelly beans anyone?  A little bit of Valentine flavor to this one! I shared the jelly bellies with the class!
 As it is Halloween soon, I couldn't resist doing this cute little guy! And the chocolates sure tasted great after! This little guy is only 3" high but he looks bigger doesn't he!
My mother's dish, I remember this sitting on my mother's dresser and  of course, on a dollie, so it seemed appropriate to use on for the prop in this. Very simple and very dear to me.
Hope you like these!

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  1. These are wonderful! It is great to see what you are doing! :)

    Love S


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