Sunday, 4 December 2011

Having fun doing a "splash" shot

It was so much fun doing my splash assignment, the technical part was tricky as we have to increase shutter speed to capture the splash action, and still expose for lighting. Overhead, side and a fill light was on this, but despite using the remote triggers the flash did not keep up with the camera. Not enough syn time recycle in the flash units. Hence a darker background instead of white, and just the overhead light that was not on syn for this photo. So this is my "bad" one, as not good enough for the assignment. Still I like the splash I managed to capture in the orange juice. Used a small orange to drop and timing is the key! Little bit of saturation change but because of the lighting problem, the juice has a nice reddish tinge on the side where the flash didn't fire. Well, off I went again to redo this shot, having lots of fun doing it and managed to get my "good" shot, in only taking two pictures. It pays to have all the technical things working, so enjoy this little shot, and I will post the good one soon.
So much fun!

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  1. seems really technical! fun to practice I'll bet! :)


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